AAG & Associates is a NJ General Contractor who specializes in all types of home remodeling. If your home is starting to feel too small or out of date, we can help. Instead of putting your house on the market, consider renovating to make your current home your dream home. Our team of experts can add those additions to your home and have them installed in no time. We’ve been helping homeowners like you throughout NJ improve their homes with new additions, providing each and every one of them with enjoyable results.



AAG & Associates is a NJ General Contractor offering installations for affordable custom kitchens. We offer full service kitchen remodels and renovations by managing all areas of your project.
Our team of designers, project managers, and expert installers can turn your kitchen into a masterpiece. Our kitchens installations includes affordable cabinetry, granite and countertops. We also offer finished wood or tile flooring that can add years of value to your home.
We have a variety of options to fit your specific kitchen budget. We will also include a free estimate, just so you know what to expect. We will visit and explain in detail affordable kitchen remodeling solutions to keep your project within budget.


AAG & Associates is a NJ General Contractor offering affordable pricing for bathroom renovation projects. Servicing residential, as well as commercial facilities, we can give your bathroom a make-over with our expert planning and remodeling visions. Our team of project managers, designers, plumbers, electricians, and installers work side by side to make your bathroom renovation come to life. We can transform your outdated bathroom into a beautiful and well designed space.
Bathroom remodels make a huge impact on a home’s comfort, not to mention the lifetime value. Bathroom visions and features that could work for your space while also fitting into your budget is our specialty. We offer solutions for space limitations, while fitting into your budget with your desired materials. We can help you with a successful bathroom remodel project.

Whippany Master Bath Renovation

Country Club Women’s Bathroom Renovation

Watchung Guest Bath

Watchung Master Bath